Roof Repair

Don’t put off a roof repair, because a small issue will quickly become a major headache. Our roof repair company in Miami and Central Florida is dedicated to making sure your roof is safe and secure. We know it’s easy to forget about your roof until you have a leak and need a repair. We will inspect your roof to pinpoint the issue and give you a free written estimate for any roof repairs needed. Whether you need repairs to your shingle roof, tile roof or metal roof, we can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Roof Leak Repair

No one wants to think about roof leaks, and the reality is, most of the time we don’t even realize they are there until it’s a big problem! We are pleased to offer 24/7 emergency roofing as part of our roofing services. There is never a great time for a roof emergency, but the middle of the night or on a holiday is the least desirable time for a huge roof leak. Don’t worry; no matter what time of day it is, we will answer the phone and be on our way to save the day and your roof.

Here are some common signs of roof leaks:

  • Water stains
  • Algae, mildew, or mold
  • Bubbles on ceilings or the walls
  • Missing shingles
  • Buckling or curling shingles
  • Debris in downspouts
  • Roof rot

Storm Damage Repair

Because your roof helps protect your home and the people you love, it’s important to make roof repairs a priority. If your roof has suffered storm damage, we will conduct a thorough inspection and give you our advice regarding repairs or replacement. If a palm tree lost a few of its fronds during the last storm, taking out some of your shingles at the same time, give us a call, and we can replace the missing shingles. When we come for a repair, we will make sure there aren’t any other areas of concern.

You can rest easy knowing that the work we do is exceptional. We never cut corners or use cheap materials. We believe in delivering quality work, with a smile. Call us today to schedule your roof repair, and a free complete roof inspection is included.