Urban Enterprise Construction LLC is a Certified General Contractor working with a limited number of subcontractors, licensed and insured, to ensure they meet our quality and performance standards to exceed our clients expectations.

Flat Roof

Our subcontractors specialize in flat roof repair and replacement. We service flat, low-slope roofs on any size commercial building. Flat roofs are an affordable option with a sleek look, but only when installed by a licensed roofing professional. Our highly trained roofers will expertly service your flat roof for maximum performance. Contact us today for more information!

Flat Roof Repair

To get maximum performance and life expectancy out of your flat roof, it needs to be installed correctly with quality materials and maintained properly by skilled roofers. But even with the best installation job, you might need the occasional flat roof repair

Our goal with a repair is to restore and maintain the integrity of your flat roof. If you have noticed ponding water on your roof or have recurring roof leaks, give us a call, and we can come take a look.

If your flat roof has suffered serious storm damage, our team of roofers strongly urges you to call us sooner rather than later to inspect the roof. Upon inspection, we will determine the full extent of the damage and find any possible weak spots and potential problems.

Your flat roof should be inspected yearly to make sure the integrity is still intact. We are happy to set up a routine commercial roof inspection to make sure everything is as it should be. Call us today to find out more about our flat roof repair services.

Re-Roofing Flat Roofs

If your flat roof has lost some of its integrity, but the damage isn’t severe enough to warrant a full commercial roof replacement than re-roofing is a great cost-effective option for your business. We can add reflective roof coatings to help lower your utility bills. Make sure to ask about our waterproofing service when you call.

Built-Up Flat Roofs

Built-up flat roofs using modified bitumen have been around for years because they are so effective. Built-up roofs provide superior water resistance for your roof. The benefit of using modified bitumen is that the traditional layers needed for the roof are combined during manufacturing instead of during installation.

From the initial inspection to the final day of the job, you can trust that your flat roof is in good hands. We understand how important your company is to you and we will put our all into making sure your flat roof is safe and sealed tight, providing you with years of protection. We are available anytime day or night if you have a roofing emergency. Contact us today for any of your commercial roofing needs.